5 Places to Visit on a Family Holiday in Australia

A land filled with rugged red deserts, magical coral reefs, primal rainforests and many other unique landscapes; Australia, the land down under is most certainly deserving of all the hypes. A country that is almost the same size as the United States with a population of only one of it’s major cities (New York), Australia is certainly housing some magical surprises for all the visitors. Home to many vibrant multicultural cities, Australia boasts great variety for family travelers and provides them with some delightful and memorable adventures. A walk in the forests, safari across the sand islands, a drive across the deserts or a dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has many fantastic places for you and your family to enjoy.

Sydney Opera House

The amazing city of Sydney is perhaps best represented by the marvelous opera house. With a shape representing windblown sails, the sight of the opera house is capable of impressing people from all walks of life. The Spanish architect Jørn Utzon who won an international award for it, designed it.  Amidst the magnificent sceneries of the Sydney Harbor and the famous Royal Botanic Gardens, the Sydney house is one of those brilliant architectures that you don’t want to miss. It contains some amazing restaurants and grand venues that house countless opera performances and events.


Great Barrier Reef

If there is a heaven for the underwater explorers and scuba divers then it is certainly the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. This astounding and gigantic structure made by coral is one of the largest living structures in planet earth and it is clearly visible from the outer space. It is part of an enormous ecosystem that contains nearly 6000 coral reefs, about 600 islands and 300 coral cays. One of the seven natural wonders of the world the barrier stretches for 2,300 kilometers and creates some fabulous opportunities for diving and snorkeling. Certainly worth checking out if you want a memorable family vacation.

Blue Mountains National Park

Located west to Sydney in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains National Park is a popular hiking place and a heaven for the sightseers. With many amazing geographical features such as the Three Sisters, which are three rock formation that stand over 900 meters, it never seizes to impress people. It is also quite a paradise for the photographers, hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and many other sorts of adrenaline junkies. The best way to experience the Blue Mountains is to hire a campervan in Sydney and then explore with your family at your own leisure.

Kakadu National Park

A place to learn about the mysterious place that is Australia, Kakadu National park is located on the northern territory of Australia. It houses some fascinating cultural elements of the Aboriginal people of Australia such as 20,000 year old rock arts. It is certainly worth talking to your kids about.  And this national park also houses some marvelous species of wildlife including crocodiles, dingoes and wallabies. You can also engage in some bird watching quests as it is home to one third of Australia’s total bird species.

Whitsunday Islands

If you wish to discover the amazing marine lives and the water world of the great Barrier then there is no place better than the Whitsunday Islands. It is collection of 74 fascinating islands that serve as the perfect spot for exploring the natural wonder of the world. Although most of these islands are deserted and endowed with their own primitive beauties, 7 are amazingly adorned with modern facilities and accommodations. The world famous “one & only” is luxurious resort on the Hayman Island that is quite favorite to the rich people. If you are looking for an amazing family vacation then this is the place to be.

3 Places Perfect for a Family Holiday in Asia

Asia is an awesome destination for family holidays as it boasts of some of the best known historical and natural attractions in the world. You can expect to discover and experience so much, mostly at a very affordable price. But touring Asia with your family posses a number of challenges, including great cultural differences and long flights. So it is always very important to research enough before making the final decision. Choosing any specific country for family holiday in Asia is always a big dilemma with a really big number of contenders. Here I present just 3 perfect places for a family holiday in Asia:

asia family holiday

Sri Lanka

Located in the middle of Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island destination with limitless number of things to do and see for family holidaymakers. The beauty of this island nation lies in its stunning beaches, coconut trees, tea plantations, amazing wildlife and friendly locals.  The country boasts of fascinating history with some remarkable archeological sites all around the country. Exploring Sri Lanka can be an inspiring experience for your children as they get close to wild elephants, turtles, and leopard, calm sandy beaches, and various historical sites. So, you can expect to have some wonderful holidays in Sri Lanka with your family.


Thailand is surely one of the top travel destinations in Asia with wide range of things to do for almost every type of traveler. You might argue that the hectic city of Bangkok may not be a good idea to take your kids. But don’t forget the natural beauty of Thailand along with its appetizing foods, continuous festivity, parks and wonderlands. Phuket is surely the best place to go for family vacationers as it is a tropical paradise. You can expect to have ultimate beach side family break in Phuket with wonderful beaches, world class family resorts, plenty of activities on offer for kids and adults alike. Island hopping, windsurfing, diving, elephant riding, the things to do for family holidaymakers in Phuket are endless.


In many ways, Japan is the vest country to visit with kids in Asia. The reasons are varied; Japan is a country with beautiful natural settings. It has one of the most modern and efficient public transport systems and it is a blend of old and modern world. In a family holiday in Japan, you can take your kids to show the stunning views of Mount Fuji and also take them to experience the skyscrapers and innovative technologies of Tokyo. The Japanese food, culture, dazzling festivals, and historic temples of Japan will ensure you and your family enjoy some of the most fascinating days of your life in the country of rising sun.

In case you have visited one or more of these countries with your family, you may try somewhere new in Asia. Then, you can choose from other popular family holiday destinations like Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, and China.


5 Places to Visit on a Family Holiday in New Zealand

For some weird reasons New Zealand never seem to appear on a list of top five tourist destinations in the world. But after a visit to this remarkable land, people get busy rearranging their favorite travel lists. Kiwis, the people of New Zealand know this and are very proud and protective of their country and often refer to it as a “Godzone” for the divine magnificence it exhibits at every sunrise.  Anywhere you go, the majestic sceneries of rugged and snow capped mountains, long and pristine beaches and primeval and unspoiled forests will please your very heart and soul. The charm of the traditional Maori culture blends in quite nicely with the pretty villages and the modern cosmopolitan city lives. The island nation of New Zealand as a tourist destination is really unique and fascinating and offers a magnificent family vacation to all.

Fiordland National Park, South Island

Located in the southwest corner of South Island of New Zealand the Fiordland National Park is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations where families can enjoy their sightseeing adventure in a spectacular fashion. Among the best places of the park are the gorgeous fjords of Dusky, Milford, and Doubtful Sounds. The park turns you into a passionate explorer with its charming and colorful lakes, offshore islands, unspoiled rainforests and rugged mountain peaks. The vast area offers magnificent trekking and hiking opportunities with places such as the Milford Track. You can enjoy a ride in the sea kayaking or get on a small plain to perfectly appreciate the breathtaking nature.

new zealand

Bay of Islands, North Island

If you would love to engage in some adventurous water travel with your family then the Bay of Islands might be the perfect opportunity for you. Located by the north island of New Zealand, the bay of island is an area which contains more than 140 splendid subtropical islands. It is a heaven for sailors and yacht owners and anybody looking to spend a dreamy day on the deck. The turquoise water and secluded sandy beaches make the experience really soothing. The area is also rich in marine life and offers plenty of opportunities for spotting Penguins, dolphins, marlins or whales.

Queenstown, South Island

When you mix breathtaking nature with the advantages of a city, you get a heaven for tourists. This is no exception for the Queenstown in South Island of New Zealand. It is considered to be the adventure capital of New Zealand. You will be able engage in ventures like jet boating, paragliding, rock climbing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, downhill skiing and many more. Endowed with opportunities for a delightful accommodation, Queenstown is picture perfect for an amazing family trip.

Tongariro National Park, North Island

Located in the center of North island of New Zealand, the Tongariro National Park is the oldest National park of the country and makes for a memorable family adventure. It is quite famous for its powerful volcanic landscapes and a very significant native Maori culture. With the much dramatic nature of its grand volcanoes, turquoise lakes, steamy hot springs and alpine meadows, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. Another popular attraction of the park Tongariro is Alpine Crossing, which is a magnificent hiking trail. To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that Tongariro has to offer, you should explore the area at your own leisure and hiring a campervan in New Zealand is a great way to do this and create some amazing family memories.


If you want to appreciate some amazing sea food in the islands of New Zealand then there is perhaps no place better than Kaikoura. Located on the east coast of south Island, Kaikoura is also a remarkable place for spotting some magnificent dolphins, whales, fur seals, sperm and albatrosses from the shore.

Montenegro A New Option For a Family Holiday

Montenegro: A New Option For a Family Holiday

Montenegro is a proud Balkan gem that is slowly but steadily growing into one of the major touristic hotspot along the Adriatic. Having shaken the tarnish of its ties to Serbia during the long conflicts that embroiled Yugoslavia’s former republic, this young nation is offering the world an ultra glamorous touristic destination.

Its plate is full of remarkable attractions that will have families enchanted and looking forward for the next holiday to come back for more. It offers unspoilt glacial lakes, striking ancient walled cities, lush alpine peaks, an incredible coastline and the gorgeous Black Mountains from which the name is derived Montenegro. Here are some of the best places to visit with on your family holidays in Montenegro.


The Tara Canyon is one of the world’s deepest canyons and should be on any traveler’s checklist in Montenegro. While most people never seem to leave the stunning coastline, a little adventure for your family would be worthwhile. During summer the river is a little friendlier to rafters as it is calmer giving you an opportunity to navigate safely without worrying about safety.  You will enjoy beautiful sceneries as you raft and stop over along the 18 km of river as you stop over along your journey to swim and recharge your energy with local cuisine.


Take your family high up the mountains to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the tranquil ambience of the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. It is surrounded by dramatic Karst Mountains reflected in the mirrored waters. Its rocky shores and wetlands play host to a myriad of wildlife with more than 260 species of birds, traditional fishing villages, islet monasteries and pristine beaches. The lake is in a preserved national park and it offers a refreshing opportunity to dip and cool off in its fresh waters.

When not enjoying swimming or kayaking on the lake you can wander off to the mountains and discover the wildlife found there, from brightly colored lizards to wild boars and even wolfs. The mountain vegetation is famous for its medicinal value.


Podgorica is the amazing capital of Montenegro; it is rich in history and culture that evident with its numerous historical sites. Though most people would prefer to head directly to the stunning beaches once they land in Podgorico, a little exploration of this city of contrasts would be worthwhile. Medun is one of the oldest settlements in Podgorica and its charms its visitors with its physical beauty and rich traditions. It is an ideal location to stroll with your family as you explore its survival after years of different civilizations.

Duklija is one of the most significant Roman towns in Podgorica and is a place that is so rich in history that once you step in it you travel back in time to over twenty centuries back. Ancient remains of temples, spas, necropolises and forums help you picture what life must have been like in this place. It is also on this place that Podgorica was founded.

Montenegro A New Option For a Family Holiday


3 Great Choices for a Family Villa Holiday in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful place to visit, with amazing beaches, stunning cities and plenty to see and do. Families often want to escape the stress of daily life and go and relax in the sunshine in their own villa, and we’ve chosen three great places to do just that. There are loads of villas in Portugal to rent, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect choice for you:

The Algarve

Tourists flock to the Algarve for its amazing beaches, mountain backdrop and family friendly things to see and do. If you just want to laze on the beach then you have some of Europe’s best beaches at your disposal, but if you want to get more active then head up into the hills and you’ll be greeted with some beautiful vistas.


Portugal’s capital might not be the first place that springs to mind for a villa holiday, but there are plenty of options of beautiful properties to stay in close to the city. Spend the day relaxing by the pool and then combine that with a city break to explore the cosmopolitan capital.


Madeira is another popular hotspot for tourists, with more of Portugal’s best beaches and plenty of activity in the surrounding area to keep you busy. Stay in villas with panoramic vies of the local area and you will feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.


Quirky Ways to Travel the UK as a Family

The UK is a fantastic place to explore as a family, with lots of things to see and a huge variety as well. Whether you want to get involved in the hustle and bustle of London’s tourist hub, or escape to the hills in the Yorkshire Dales, there is something for everyone’s taste.

There are many ways to get around the UK, and given the fact it isn’t too big you can cover it from head to toe if you don’t mind a bit of travel. If you want to do that, then why not make the journey itself a little more interesting to spice up the ride. Below are 3 more interesting ways to travel the UK beyond your usual car or public transport:


For families on a budget who want to explore the UK from top to bottom, a campervan is a great way to do so. There are lots of places in the UK with campervans for hire which you can take off in and explore every corner of this beautiful land. Just pick your destination and you can roll up whenever you want and sleep wherever you choose.

rent a campervan uk

Canal Boats

Britain is intersected by canals and waterways across the whole country so you can set off from the north and steadily sail down to the English Channel, taking in all the beautiful countryside and English villages along the way. Travelling by canal boat is a great way to explore the British Isles.


For families lucky enough to have a luxury budget to work with, you can travel by microlight from London to the Isle of Wight. This is a pricey option, but will give you amazing views of the city from above and the journey over the south coast.

5 Tips For A Successful Family Holiday

Holidays are supposed to be fun. The anticipation of new and exciting environments, tasty exotic cuisine, and relaxing atmospheres is almost tangible. So as you count down the days to the big dare, here are some points to consider before embarking on a family holiday.


As simple as this may sound, this is one of the most abused. After choosing a destination, the next move is choosing the mode of transport, and then you have to do a little research on the places you plan to visit so as you can know what to bring along. For example if you are going on a skiing holiday you may bring along extra warm clothing.  If visiting Africa in general, a lot of sunscreen especially for the young ones is a must, some anti-malarial, pain killers and antihistamines should be considered. It is very important to remember that you get better rates when you plan ahead.

Also, make sure that all your paperwork is in order and your reservations done. I’d hate to be the one telling the kids to go back home, the tickets were not confirmed!

family hols


In as much as nobody wants to tragedy, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is not wise especially where children and the advanced in age are involved. It is always advisable to buy a health insurance policy to be on the safe side. You don’t have to spoil your holiday by thinking about queuing in the halls; most insurance companies are available online.


A lone holiday can be planned in a whiz, but a vacation involving the whole family may be tasking. What attracts a three year old may not necessarily be a pot of honey for a teenager. To avoid general embarrassing situations, it is always good to research if the place you are visiting. Find out what amenities they offer: do they have babysitters for when you need to get away for the night, check the activities available for your teenagers, are the rooms family friendly, and do they offer discount services for families? A family friendly destination will have something for everyone.

family holiday


The security of a place is of uttermost importance to any traveler and it’s therefore wise to choose a safe place to take a vacation. Be aware of the political stability or the general state of a country to avoid being caught up in chaos and disruptions.  Visiting a place where military officers are sauntering all over in their camouflaged uniforms and heavily armed may confuse and instill fear to the young ones. While one can adventure in newly opened up destinations like Kashmir, taking children to a place with rebel threat is very irresponsible!


If you are not sure of getting it done on your own, you can always make use of travel agents. They are very able to assist you in making the best choices. Some information may not be readily available for example: you may want to learn to a foreign language, or just to try cooking lessons to add to your family menu, the knowledge you may find from a travel agent could be just what you need.  Local travel agents give back to the community you are visiting, and as such make for responsible travel partners.

Welcome to Family Holidays Abroad!

Welcome to Family Holidays Abroad!

We’re going to be bringing you the best tips for family holidays around the world, from fab destinations to tips and tricks that make travelling with the kids super easy.

If you’re bored of having to stick to the UK for your family holidays every year until the kids grow up then fear not! We’ve travelled far and wide around the globe with babies, toddlers and young teenage children, so we know it’s possible! All you have to know is how to find the most suitable accommodation, sneaky tricks on how to keep the kids entertained in the airport and on flights and how to keep them safe and sound when acclimatising to foreign lands.

We’ll be bringing you all that information and more! So sit back, relax, subscribe, and get ready to start planning your dream family holidays abroad!