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3 Places Perfect for a Family Holiday in Asia

Asia is an awesome destination for family holidays as it boasts of some of the best known historical and natural attractions in the world. You can expect to discover and experience so much, mostly at a very affordable price. But touring Asia with your family posses a number of challenges, including great cultural differences and long flights. So it is always very important to research enough before making the final decision. Choosing any specific country for family holiday in Asia is always a big dilemma with a really big number of contenders. Here I present just 3 perfect places for a family holiday in Asia:

asia family holiday

Sri Lanka

Located in the middle of Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island destination with limitless number of things to do and see for family holidaymakers. The beauty of this island nation lies in its stunning beaches, coconut trees, tea plantations, amazing wildlife and friendly locals.  The country boasts of fascinating history with some remarkable archeological sites all around the country. Exploring Sri Lanka can be an inspiring experience for your children as they get close to wild elephants, turtles, and leopard, calm sandy beaches, and various historical sites. So, you can expect to have some wonderful holidays in Sri Lanka with your family.


Thailand is surely one of the top travel destinations in Asia with wide range of things to do for almost every type of traveler. You might argue that the hectic city of Bangkok may not be a good idea to take your kids. But don’t forget the natural beauty of Thailand along with its appetizing foods, continuous festivity, parks and wonderlands. Phuket is surely the best place to go for family vacationers as it is a tropical paradise. You can expect to have ultimate beach side family break in Phuket with wonderful beaches, world class family resorts, plenty of activities on offer for kids and adults alike. Island hopping, windsurfing, diving, elephant riding, the things to do for family holidaymakers in Phuket are endless.


In many ways, Japan is the vest country to visit with kids in Asia. The reasons are varied; Japan is a country with beautiful natural settings. It has one of the most modern and efficient public transport systems and it is a blend of old and modern world. In a family holiday in Japan, you can take your kids to show the stunning views of Mount Fuji and also take them to experience the skyscrapers and innovative technologies of Tokyo. The Japanese food, culture, dazzling festivals, and historic temples of Japan will ensure you and your family enjoy some of the most fascinating days of your life in the country of rising sun.

In case you have visited one or more of these countries with your family, you may try somewhere new in Asia. Then, you can choose from other popular family holiday destinations like Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, and China.