The Caribbean Islands offer great holiday destinations for families in search of sun, tropical paradise, shallow swimming beaches and spectacular coral reefs. With an all year round guaranteed sunshine the Caribbean islands beckon any holiday maker to experience the stunning and beaches, walking terrains and an array of water sports on the warm turquoise waters. The only challenge comes when choosing the right island for your family since there is a wide variety to choose from.

The Caymans islands continue to be a coveted holiday destinations by many, it provides both adventurous and relaxed opportunities for travelers. They consist of three islands lying 90 miles off the south of Cuba. Divers can take advantage of the gorgeous barrier reefs while explorers can visit the Stingray city which is the most popular of the three Cayman Islands where you can feed and interact with the Atlantic Southern stingrays that live in the turquoise waters.

For breath taking architecture, passionate sports cultures and for a taste of the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum then Barbados Islands are ideal destinations. You can find a fine stretch of sandy beach, practice your tee in the sprawling golf courses, or dance to the rhythm of the calypso tunes in this luxurious island. Barbados juggles two different cultures to create an exceptional Bajan community.  There are many beaches, distinct rum distilleries, and lush sugar cane fields that create spectacular trade mark of the Caribbean.

White washed shores, duty free shops, excursions, scuba diving and luxurious accommodations can be found in the Bahamas. Families flock in the Bahamas to experience the coral reefs, play golf in the 72 par courses and enjoy duty free bargains in the market place. Nassau is the largest city among the 700 islands where twinkling casinos and magnificent resorts are interwoven with the American Civil war history and pirate lore. For some quiet times away from curious crowds the east of Nassau is welcoming and less complicated.

When you think of Jamaica, vivid pictures of Rastafarians come to mind. To many it is the literal figurative heart of the Caribbean and the birthplace of Reggae music and also a place to relax in the all inclusive holiday resorts. Though often misunderstood, Jamaica is vibrant with expansive sugar fields, coffee and cream colored beaches. It is bordered by the rugged Blue Mountains, anchored in cascading waterfalls and set to a rhythm of dancehall. Since it is the third largest island of the Caribbean it is not easy to explore in one day; for beaches head to Negril region, for golf head to Montego Bay and for adventures head to the Ocho Rios. The best surfing region is the Boston bay beach while hiking the Blue Mountains or rafting along Rio Grande is a great holiday activity.

Though the Jamaican culture which has spread to most of the Caribbean island is largely misunderstood, it is great to get to experience it firsthand, sample their music, cuisine and learn a few of the Jamaican words that are mostly adopted from the Rastafarian religion and culture.


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