Family holidays in Europe can turn out to be the best and most memorable in the history of your family vacations. There are a lot of attractions, family friendly accommodations and is generally safe for children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. You do not need to worry about food or water safety in Europe if you are travelling with children.

For a bit of a city vacation coupled with interesting activities Madrid is the place; though it has undergone tremendous transformations in the recent years, its past has not been sacrificed. You can expect anything in Madrid; soothing melodies from the Spanish guitar, thrilling bull fights or feel the swish of a flamenco dancers skirt. Sports and especially soccer is another area of interest in Madrid and you can witness this in the largest Stadium of Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu which is home to the most successful team Real Madrid.

The Madrilènes are a friendly and outgoing bunch of people whose culture and cuisine have been attracting tourists in the recent years. The cuisine consists mainly of meat, bread and cheese and can be sampled best in the local tapas bars, tavernas or tascas; it is also here that sushi parties happen. If you appreciate unhurried fun coupled with fantastic pieces of Art and stunning architecture then this would be an ideal destination for you.

Edinburgh is an ancient city burrowed beside long dormant volcanoes and dominates over lush green moorlands. It is the next visited city in the UK after London and is known for more than its staggering landscapes. It is an excellent family destination where you can enjoy city attractions as well as rolling landscapes. Main highlights include the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Ship Britannia which ferried royal members in the past but has since been opened to the public and it oozes history from the cabins to the tea rooms. You can also escape to the Scottish highlands for a countryside break.

If your idea of family holiday includes lazing around sandy beaches, then in Europe sandy stretches can be found in Germany, Brittany, Poland and even undeveloped coastlines in Turkey or even bask in the award winning beach in Bulgaria.

The soft golden sands of Bulgaria are appreciated by many and have even received numerous awards for environmental awareness. They are reputed to be the best in Europe, the water and the beach are closely monitored for toxins and solar powered transportation is offered. The resort which was created in the fifties is only a few kilometers from the city and accommodation is varied from camping spots to great hotels.

For fine weather and refined beaches enveloped by spectacular sceneries then in Portugal you can never be in the wrong. The Sagres beach in Algarve is undeveloped with a backdrop of orange rocky cliffs with impressive rollers attracting surfers from all over. The small town of Sagres is the gateway to Alentejo which is Portugal’s agricultural heartland.

Europe is never short of spots that will not only help you create memories for your family but also places that you can enjoy relaxing and appreciate natural and manmade attractions.





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