South America

South American family holidays are unrivalled and adventurous, the continent boasts of many geographical accolades and huge biodiversity; it is home to numerous strange species such as Ilama, jaguar and vicuna which are rare in other parts of the world. There are a lot of discoveries to be made here and the list for exciting activities is forever endless.

The Amazon jungle is one of the most recognizable regions in South America and Peru gives you a gateway to the mesmerizing jungle. The mighty Amazon River can be explored by cruising from north Peru where rare marine life such as pink dolphins can be spotted, the jungle is deafening with the unending chatter of monkeys and chirping birds; nature dominates 100% in the Amazon jungle.

In Cusco Peru, Macchu Picchu is an iconic historic destination where acres of temples, aqueducts and Spaniard gardens still dominate and have an intriguing history and scenic beauty; it is termed as the Incas Lost City. The sunsets here are spectacular and will remain etched in your memories for ages to come.

Family beach vacations in South America are exceptional with a mix of exhilarating fun and sun, samba rhythms, delicious sea food and the balmy air. Cultural diversity is almost tangible as you explore the region. Though in the past security and other concerns kept off family vacationers, in recent years beach resorts have upped their game and ensured that the resorts are safe and secure for families. Brazil offers numerous beaches; from wild party zones to tranquil and inviolate beaches fit for every type of family.  The beaches feature stunning visual splendors, variety of restaurants, resorts and numerous fun entertainments.

Brazil is also home to the irrepressible party city of Rio de Janeiro which hosts the world’s greatest carnival and high spirited locals. It has many contrasts from the 18th century colonial Cindarellia to the 20th century opera house.

The Argentine Pentagonia is enchanting with magical views, cobalt lakes, azure tinted glaciers, emerald trees and turquoise skies that stretch far beyond the Andes Mountains. For a relaxed scenic holiday, this is the place to head. Argentina’s Lake District is a spectacle to behold where quaint villages brush against snowy mountain peaks and whales glide through Peninsula Valdes.

The Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America, it lures visitors with its mixed blend of European charm and South American flair. It features wide boulevards, neoclassical architecture and grand museums; its residents are fashionable and friendly. Families can enjoy meandering through the streets, exploring museums and joining soccer fans as they celebrate their favorite teams.

Some island fun is inevitable in South America, the Galapagos Islands boast of untamed terrains and notoriously fearless creatures from sea lions to seagoing lizards. These islands are for those seeking magical encounters in the wild; here penguins are seen waddling in the waters, giant tortoises feed on tall blades of grass and the blue footed boobies mate unashamedly along the sandy beaches. Adventures along these islands are endless, each one unique and offering the best of South America.

South America

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