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5 Places to Visit on a Family Holiday in Australia

A land filled with rugged red deserts, magical coral reefs, primal rainforests and many other unique landscapes; Australia, the land down under is most certainly deserving of all the hypes. A country that is almost the same size as the United States with a population of only one of it’s major cities (New York), Australia is certainly housing some magical surprises for all the visitors. Home to many vibrant multicultural cities, Australia boasts great variety for family travelers and provides them with some delightful and memorable adventures. A walk in the forests, safari across the sand islands, a drive across the deserts or a dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has many fantastic places for you and your family to enjoy.

Sydney Opera House

The amazing city of Sydney is perhaps best represented by the marvelous opera house. With a shape representing windblown sails, the sight of the opera house is capable of impressing people from all walks of life. The Spanish architect Jørn Utzon who won an international award for it, designed it.  Amidst the magnificent sceneries of the Sydney Harbor and the famous Royal Botanic Gardens, the Sydney house is one of those brilliant architectures that you don’t want to miss. It contains some amazing restaurants and grand venues that house countless opera performances and events.


Great Barrier Reef

If there is a heaven for the underwater explorers and scuba divers then it is certainly the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. This astounding and gigantic structure made by coral is one of the largest living structures in planet earth and it is clearly visible from the outer space. It is part of an enormous ecosystem that contains nearly 6000 coral reefs, about 600 islands and 300 coral cays. One of the seven natural wonders of the world the barrier stretches for 2,300 kilometers and creates some fabulous opportunities for diving and snorkeling. Certainly worth checking out if you want a memorable family vacation.

Blue Mountains National Park

Located west to Sydney in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains National Park is a popular hiking place and a heaven for the sightseers. With many amazing geographical features such as the Three Sisters, which are three rock formation that stand over 900 meters, it never seizes to impress people. It is also quite a paradise for the photographers, hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and many other sorts of adrenaline junkies. The best way to experience the Blue Mountains is to hire a campervan in Sydney and then explore with your family at your own leisure.

Kakadu National Park

A place to learn about the mysterious place that is Australia, Kakadu National park is located on the northern territory of Australia. It houses some fascinating cultural elements of the Aboriginal people of Australia such as 20,000 year old rock arts. It is certainly worth talking to your kids about.  And this national park also houses some marvelous species of wildlife including crocodiles, dingoes and wallabies. You can also engage in some bird watching quests as it is home to one third of Australia’s total bird species.

Whitsunday Islands

If you wish to discover the amazing marine lives and the water world of the great Barrier then there is no place better than the Whitsunday Islands. It is collection of 74 fascinating islands that serve as the perfect spot for exploring the natural wonder of the world. Although most of these islands are deserted and endowed with their own primitive beauties, 7 are amazingly adorned with modern facilities and accommodations. The world famous “one & only” is luxurious resort on the Hayman Island that is quite favorite to the rich people. If you are looking for an amazing family vacation then this is the place to be.