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5 Places to Visit on a Family Holiday in New Zealand

For some weird reasons New Zealand never seem to appear on a list of top five tourist destinations in the world. But after a visit to this remarkable land, people get busy rearranging their favorite travel lists. Kiwis, the people of New Zealand know this and are very proud and protective of their country and often refer to it as a “Godzone” for the divine magnificence it exhibits at every sunrise.  Anywhere you go, the majestic sceneries of rugged and snow capped mountains, long and pristine beaches and primeval and unspoiled forests will please your very heart and soul. The charm of the traditional Maori culture blends in quite nicely with the pretty villages and the modern cosmopolitan city lives. The island nation of New Zealand as a tourist destination is really unique and fascinating and offers a magnificent family vacation to all.

Fiordland National Park, South Island

Located in the southwest corner of South Island of New Zealand the Fiordland National Park is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations where families can enjoy their sightseeing adventure in a spectacular fashion. Among the best places of the park are the gorgeous fjords of Dusky, Milford, and Doubtful Sounds. The park turns you into a passionate explorer with its charming and colorful lakes, offshore islands, unspoiled rainforests and rugged mountain peaks. The vast area offers magnificent trekking and hiking opportunities with places such as the Milford Track. You can enjoy a ride in the sea kayaking or get on a small plain to perfectly appreciate the breathtaking nature.

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Bay of Islands, North Island

If you would love to engage in some adventurous water travel with your family then the Bay of Islands might be the perfect opportunity for you. Located by the north island of New Zealand, the bay of island is an area which contains more than 140 splendid subtropical islands. It is a heaven for sailors and yacht owners and anybody looking to spend a dreamy day on the deck. The turquoise water and secluded sandy beaches make the experience really soothing. The area is also rich in marine life and offers plenty of opportunities for spotting Penguins, dolphins, marlins or whales.

Queenstown, South Island

When you mix breathtaking nature with the advantages of a city, you get a heaven for tourists. This is no exception for the Queenstown in South Island of New Zealand. It is considered to be the adventure capital of New Zealand. You will be able engage in ventures like jet boating, paragliding, rock climbing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, downhill skiing and many more. Endowed with opportunities for a delightful accommodation, Queenstown is picture perfect for an amazing family trip.

Tongariro National Park, North Island

Located in the center of North island of New Zealand, the Tongariro National Park is the oldest National park of the country and makes for a memorable family adventure. It is quite famous for its powerful volcanic landscapes and a very significant native Maori culture. With the much dramatic nature of its grand volcanoes, turquoise lakes, steamy hot springs and alpine meadows, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. Another popular attraction of the park Tongariro is Alpine Crossing, which is a magnificent hiking trail. To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that Tongariro has to offer, you should explore the area at your own leisure and hiring a campervan in New Zealand is a great way to do this and create some amazing family memories.


If you want to appreciate some amazing sea food in the islands of New Zealand then there is perhaps no place better than Kaikoura. Located on the east coast of south Island, Kaikoura is also a remarkable place for spotting some magnificent dolphins, whales, fur seals, sperm and albatrosses from the shore.